About the MooCrew!

Hello and nice to meet you!  Welcome to MooCrew Customs!  We are the MooCrew!  The first question I'm always asked is, "Why MooCrew?" And it's quite simple.  Our last name is Mooberry, and I have more children than hands which equates to a crew.  Alas - The MooCrew!

We are your typical family of five.  Brian is retired from the Army and now a government contractor.  I am Chelsea, the glorified stay at home mom and housewife that got bored with being only that.  Austin is our neurodiverse child and the oldest of the crew.  Emmalin is the stereotypical middle child AND only daughter (help me, please!).  And last but not least, Owen is our forever baby and the caboose of the crew.  We reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado, by way of to too many places to name.  

Moms - holla! The daily grind and raising a family gets all consuming.  It was swallowing me alive. Like, I love my family, BUT I needed an outlet that allowed me to check out of "normal daily life".  I (Chelsea) started MooCrew Customs because I love to create.  So here I am, doing the dang thing, and loving every minute!